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in the old days..., everything used to be better..., they say...?... what about Now !

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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

to see your PICS
click on Album1 and Album2

it was fun again, till next time.....

Special 6th edition funfeelfree fff-party ?do you remember the old days? at the Sugar Factory from 23.00 - 05.00 hrs on saterday 22 juli 2006.

Thrilling dj's BRIAN S, YAMANI + mc2FAST, VEETA'D + Helene vd Moor, theater performances in between...Brahmanic secret service presents Ey'ar God's Blink, Mu Zen God's Fliphop and Miss Titticall dance act with live percussions on stage all beamed up by the Visuals Brothers. Members check your p.o box two weeks before for your personal invitations.

With an invitation presented fees are 9 euro ...without 12 euro. Sale at the door.
INVITES first , no pre sale.

If we have'nt got your address yet, go to our contact sheet.

Read what fff is all about and see the invitation for this event.

dresscode for this event: < say it with roses >, can get hot and warm, it's summer time !


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